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A small business phone system will revolutionize small and medium-sized business communications. If your business is needing more than one phone line, an internet business phone service is the way to go. It is by far cheaper than full hardware PBX systems, and feature multi-rate plans to fit each business size.

The system works in a unique way by taking your traditional phone and processing it through the Internet and redirecting it in as many directions as needed. Online you set up the various extinctions that you need and direct them to each associate. The callers will never know the difference even if you elect to transfer different lines to associates across the country. You can even set redirects for different time frames to direct calls to your cell phones or home phones as needed.

You can assign call sequences to where the call rolls over to someone else if it is not answered in a certain time frame. As the phone system searches for someone to take the call, the caller is listing to your choice of music. And there is always an alternative voice mailbox if no one answers.

Many envision that an small business phone system is difficult to set up and manage however this is not true. All the setup is done online by you and you can change it even daily if you see fit. Because the system is set up online you can change it from anywhere and at any time with an Internet connection.

You set your own answering rules with call features such as:
Unlimited Extensions
Call Forwarding
Call Screening
Message Alerts
Music on Hold
Call Logs
Recorded Greetings
Auto Attendant
Dial by Name Directory
Toll Free Numbers
Local Numbers

The online management system enables you as a business owner to track your calls, manage your employees time effectively, responded as needed, and never miss a call.
By managing your phone effectively your business will grow with no unanswered calls, busy signals or stressed out receptionists. All calls will be answered professionally and routed to the appropriate personal extensions or departments. Business phone etiquette is always followed because you set up the virtual receptionist.

You can always use your current phone number and forward it to your business phone line or even get a new vanity number or 800 number.

A small business phone system is so unique that you could even have a central 800-number with it routed to 100 cell phones across the country and never have a local phone or receptionist. You can work anywhere at any time and never miss a call from a valued customer. Click here to see our choice we selected from many for our small business phone system review.

It is amazing how the phone system has evolved from the first telephone invented to now.
The day the first cellular phone invented would have astonished them. A business phone system with many lines and a virtual receptionist sending calls to many different separate phones and even to cell phones would have been unfathomable. They would have never been able to grasp the concept that the phone would be used so unscrupulously to where there would have to be such a thing as a national do not call directory to protect our privacy.

If you have a small business, you must look at a small business phone system.


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